Diploma In Electrician

  • Technical Repairs
  • Diploma 1 Year

Brief description of Job roles: Electrician, General installs, maintains and repairs electrical machinery equipment and fittings in factories, workshops power house, business and residential premises etc., Studies drawings and other specifications to determine electrical circuit, installation details, etc. Positions and installs electrical motors, transformers, switchgears. Switchboards, Microphones, loudspeakers and other electrical equipment, fittings and lighting fixtures. Makes connections and solders terminals. Test electrical installations and equipment and locates faults using megger, test lamps etc. Repairs or replaces defective wiring, burnt out fuses and defective parts and keeps fittings and fixtures in working order.


  • Module I - Fundaments of Electricals and Electronics
  • Module II - Domestic Electrical Wiring
  • Module III - Industrial Electrical
  • Module IV - Soft Skills
  • Module V - Internship

Career Options

Electrician for Government and Private Firm

Self - Employment