Diploma In Fashion Designing & Garment Technology

  • Beautician & Fashion Designing
  • Diploma 1 Year

Those with a passion for fashion and a flair for style may consider a career in fashion design. Fashion designers use their creative and technical skills to create varities of clothing and accessories. Along with sketching and constructing original products, designers constantly studu the industry to stay informed of current trends and to be able to forecast future styles.


  • Module I - Introduction to Clothing Construction
  • Module II - Colour and Design
  • Module III - Surface Ornamentation
  • Module IV - Drafting and Adaptations
  • Module V - Fashion Illustration
  • Module VI - Textile Construction
  • Module VII - Textile Design
  • Module VIII - Advance Garment Construction
  • Module IX - Advance Fashion Illustration
  • Module X - Corel Draw
  • Module XI - Soft Skills
  • Module XII - Intership

Career Options

Fashion Designer

Employment in export house

Managers in Garment stores/ Boutiques


Self- Employment